Capt. Alex Sorice

Capt. Alex Sorice has been fishing off the Space and Treasure coast for over 2 decades and has been a licensed captain since 1999. Capt. Alex has fished all of the east coast of Florida ranging from North Florida through central Florida and all the way down to the Florida Keys. He has won or placed in numerous Florida tournaments as well as the Bahamas.

Capt. Chris

Capt Chris with fishCaptain Chris was born and raised in the beautiful Florida panhandle. He spent his childhood fishing in the bayou and bays behind his family home, each day after school he would spend his time catching speckled trout and redfish and was articled in Florida Sportsman at the age of 10. Captain Chris’s love of fishing and diving in the Gulf of Mexico growing up moved him to begin a professional fishing career commercial fishing after high school graduation.

Captain Chris obtained his captain’s license in 1994 after 10 years of commercial fishing. He began running charter fishing trips out of orange beach Alabama on several 65 ft charter boats specializing in deep dropping for Warsaw Grouper, Golden Tile Fish and Sow Red Snapper as well as overnight tuna trips. During this time he fished in Campeche Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and extensively on the Gulf Coast of Florida and Alabama.

Captain Chris started fishing in central Florida about five years ago and continues his passion to fish even on his days off. Captain Chris loves to fish with children and those who have never been deep sea fishing, hoping to impart his love of saltwater.

Capt. Kyle Larson

Capt. Kyle Larson grew up fishing the Cape Canaveral waters as a young deckhand for numerous Charter fishing and Commercial fishing vessels. Kyle has made a lifestyle of fishing whether it’s chartering clients, providing market fresh fish, competing in tournaments or fishing just for the enjoyment. Being a 50-ton Master licensed Captain and a well rounded angler, Kyle has the ability to make your trip one of a lifetime!