Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach Nearshore Fishing Information

The Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach nearshore waters of Florida consist of the zone from the surf out to a short distance, but always in sight of land. A narrow area, the nearshore zone is dynamic. It is affected by a variety of forces that include freshwater outflows, tidal changes and offshore currents. Nearshore waters see an exchange between inshore and offshore waters. In this, a mixed bag of inshore and offshore species mingle in with our resident species to create one of the best areas to fish.

In multiple locations around Florida's Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach coasts, inshore species like Snook, Seatrout, Redfish, and flounder all spend large amounts of their lives in the nearshore zone. this can also be said for coastal pelagics like Kingfish and Cobia. In other locations, it is even possible to catch sailfish and dolphin in this zones when ocean conditions are conducive to that action.

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