Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach Deep Sea Fishing Information

Heading out with Ofishal Business into the deeper waters, our clients are suddenly exposed to a pool of deep sea species. These are different than the regular Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach shallow water and nearshore area species. Big game fish - sharks, tuna, bull mahi, marlin, and sailfish come to mind. You normally will not find these species near shore, as they require deeper waters to feed. However, Florida has some exceptions, with Mahi, Sailfish, and smaller tuna species finding their way nearshore and can be fairly common during certain seasons.

If you have never fished in Port Canaveral & Cocoa Beach deep sea conditions before, chartering a boat and going out with an experienced Captain is a must. Of course, we are here at your disposal to bring you not only the safety and expertise you are looking for, but the actual excitement of hooking into a beast of the open ocean is just a click away with Ofishal Business Charters. Even if you've deep sea fished many times, experiencing a day or two on our Blackwatch 40 and this crew will open all new doors to your fishing experiences.

Ofishal Business Charters Deep Sea Trip
Ofishal Business Charters Deep Sea Sail Fish
Ofishal Business Deep Sea Fishing Charter

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